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Blue and orange Towels with pineapple design

100% Egyptian Cotton Noosa Beach Towels

‘Fouta’ (fūṭa: Egyptian for towel)

Large and Extra Large towels! Our Fouta Towels are a highly absorbent cotton towel for the beach, pool or bathroom! Woven from 100% Egyptian cotton in Tunisia they are large, lightweight and fast drying.

They are super-convenient for travelling, taking up much less space in your beach bag or suitcase than a traditional ‘terry towelling’ beach towel. Plus, because of their flat weave, they don’t pick up sand at the beach!

What is the difference between a Fouta and a Turkish Towel?

Our standard size Fouta towels which we call ‘Large’ are 2m x 1m. They weigh between 380gm – 600gms. Some have more cotton depending on the style of weave, so end up being slightly heavier and are marginally larger when folded but are still a nice and compact towel and are just as fast drying. All of our Fouta are woven from 100% Egyptian Cotton in Tunisia. The hand knotted fringing is well tied to avoid fraying. We are involved in the design and selection of our range. Our pricing is fairly similar to our Turkish towel cousins. Our Large towels are $45-$49. Our Extra Large towels are $85-95 and are exclusive to Noosa Beach Towels. (The Extra Large towels are currently on sale at $10 off).

Turkish towels on the other hand, are slightly shorter at 1.7m x .9m or 1.8m x 1m. They weigh between 280gms – 350gms. They are woven in Turkey from Turkish Cotton. They range in price from $29 to $45. There are also even cheaper towels on the market which are made in China and India.

Both Fouta Towels and Turkish Towels are fantastic for all of the reasons mentioned above. We may be a few dollars dearer than some of our competitors’ cheaper Turkish towels, but you are getting a quality product when choosing a Fouta from the Noosa Beach Towels range.

The Ideal Beach Towel

When you travel with a Noosa Beach Towels Fouta, you also have a picnic blanket, a wrap or a tablecloth.

They come in two sizes: The ‘Large’ Towels are a generous 2m x 1m and the ‘Extra Large’ towels are 2.4m x 1.35m or 2.50m x 1.5m – depending on the style.

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Flat rate Standard Shipping $12.50 under $150

Express Shipping $16.50

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